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Customize. . . don't minimize. . . Your Retirement: 7 Paths to Explore Possibilities, Choices and Your Future Happiness

  • 15 April 2016
  • Author: Don Strauss
  • Number of views: 2729
Customize. . . don't minimize. . . Your Retirement: 7 Paths to Explore Possibilities, Choices and Your Future Happiness

Exploring this self-help guide will assist you in mapping out your journey into the retirement years.

No longer does retirement mean just "kick-back" and lead the leisure life. Most of us would not feel fulfilled by doing little. Careers typically have given us a sense of purpose. Perhaps, because of this, about 80% of Boomers state that they will be working in some capacity during their retirement years. In retirement, we want to continue having a life filled with enjoyment; but also, one of purpose and a feeling of being valued by others.

Given that the transition into retirement is an individualized journey, it deserves your personal attention to make it "all it can be." Life can be complicated and retirement will involve new challenges, as well as opportunities for change. Whether it is relationships with spouse and others; what to do with your time; creating a new identity; working, not working or changing careers; making health and housing choices; or managing the financial potholes; this very readable book, containing many unique and thought-provoking exercises, is guaranteed to help you focus and create ways to build a happier future.

Here's how to buy Customize...Don't Minimize...Your Retirement.

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