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As It Never Was

As It Never Was

Seven years ago Mark Siebert disappeared while on his paper route in downstate Mount Logan. Despite a massive hunt, Mark’s body was never found.

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  • 1957
  • Article rating: No rating
That Was Then

That Was Then

Detective Jake Houser’s search for a missing teenage girl has gone cold when a letter slipped to him through back channels upends everything. Could it be true that the missing girl was taken by the same man who killed two girls in 1982?

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  • 1733
  • Article rating: No rating
However Many More

However Many More

Things get personal for Detective Jake Houser when he investigates the brutal murder of his lifelong friend, Henry Fox.

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  • 1667
  • Article rating: No rating
What Can't Be True

What Can't Be True

When Boy Scouts find a human skull in a car they pull from the bottom of Radar Grove Lagoon, it will prove to be only the first thread in a web of lies and corruption reaching to the highest corridors of power.

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  • 2254
  • Article rating: No rating

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